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Establishing World-Record Coherence Times on Nuclear Spin qubits made from neutral atoms

May 19, 2022
When building a quantum computer, the need to isolate qubits from environmental effects must be balanced against the need to engineer site-specific, controllable interactions with external fields. In our paper recently published in Nature Communications, we show results from our first-generation quantum computing system called Phoenix, which successfully navigates these competing requirements while demonstrating the capability to load more than 100 qubits.
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Moor Insights & Strategy- INSIDER PODCAST - with Chief Analyst Patrick Moorhead and CEO Rob Hays

May 10, 2022
An insightful conversation between Chief Analyst Patrick Moorhead and our CEO Rob Hays on the Insider Podcast. Patrick and Rob dive into what's on the horizon as quantum computing evolves: quantum scalability, roadmaps, QaaS (quantum as-a-service), on-prem vs. off-prem, investments, market consolidation, quantum ecosystem, and more.
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The Truth About Scaling Quantum Computing

May 9, 2022
“Is quantum computing real?” While sensational in many respects, the report raises important questions about whether quantum computing systems actually exist, how useful are they in solving computation problems, and what is hype vs. reality.
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Atom Computing Joins Forces with University of Colorado Boulder’s CUbit Quantum Initiative to Accelerate Quantum Innovation

February 16, 2022
CEO Rob Hays discusses the importance of the quantum ecosystem, and why Atom Computing is joining forces with CUbit Quantum Initiative to accelerate R&D and workforce development.
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2022 Quantum Computing Tech Predictions

January 7, 2022
CEO Rob Hays lays out his top six tech predictions for 2022.
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The Building Blocks for Quantum Advantage

November 30, 2021
Imagine a world where researchers could discover a new drug or cure that’s not even possible today due to computing limitations, or where companies dealing with complex logistical challenges could predict, model and simulate new delivery routes in a matter of minutes. How might this be possible one day … fast forward to quantum computing.
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