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Before quantum computing can solve the world’s most complex problems, we need to build large scale systems with reliable results in a world full of noise, interference and constraints. ​
Nuclear-spin qubits made from neutral atoms

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It starts with a ​MORE RELIABLE QUBIT​

Qubits made from superconductors and trapped ions have limitations. We’ve achieved the world’s longest coherence times by using the most efficient and scalable quantum building block: naturally-occurring quantum states of alkaline earth elements.
The result? A more stable platform to perform accurate error correction.

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Meet Phoenix

Our 100-Qubit Quantum System
At the heart of Phoenix, we’re trapping and controlling individual atoms with optical tweezers in free space at room temperature. With a large array of highly stable qubits, users can build quantum circuits with readily-available quantum software developer toolkits. ​
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Complex problems need large-scale quantum systems that can compute enormous problems at lightning speed. 

We're obsessed with helping our partners in science, business and technology realize the quantum advantage and making quantum real by quickly scaling our systems to thousands of qubits—and beyond.
"Atom Computing has emerged as the dark horse to lead the race in the quantum computing industry, proving that resources or capital are not sole catalysts for a technological breakthrough in quantum computing. Their neutral atom based system with individually-controlled, wireless qubits and extremely long coherence times is accelerating quantum computing into the commercial age."

Ethan Batraski


Technical Insights & Perspectives

Employee Spotlight: Robin Coxe, Vice President, Control Systems Engineering
We sat down with Robin Coxe to talk about her career path to quantum and professional advice for getting started in this field, as we celebrate her promotion to Vice President of the Control Systems Engineering team.
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Employee Spotlight: Toni Jones, Firmware Engineer
Firmware Engineer, Toni Jones, shares her passion for quantum and how software development skills can translate to a multitude of industries. "Success isn’t about knowing everything. It’s about knowing the fundamentals, building on those whenever you can, and finding time to make learning a continuous journey."
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Employee Spotlight: Remy Notermans, Quantum Engineering Manager
Quantum Engineering Manager, Remy Notermans, shares his view and passion on how he got started in the quantum field and offers advice for students and professionals considering a quantum career path.
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