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Atom Computing is building quantum computers using nuclear spin qubits formed from arrays of optically-trapped neutral atoms. We cool, trap, and control our qubits wirelessly using lasers. Our prototype platform, Phoenix, harnesses the power of 100 qubits to explore innovative quantum algorithm development. We are actively developing next-generation systems with over 1,000 qubits, pushing the boundaries of system performance and scale.
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In our systems, we employ the nuclear spin of neutral atoms to construct qubits. Benefits of neutral atom quantum computers include:
Massive scalability: Neutral atom qubits lack electrical charge and can be tightly packed into an array, held only microns apart with focused laser light. The atomic array can be expanded to thousands or millions of qubits without substantially changing the overall footprint of the system.
Fidelity: Neutral atoms are intrinsically identical, have been extensively characterized, and present no fundamental physics obstacles to achieving sufficiently high fidelity to enable fault tolerance at scale.
Reduced complexity: All of the control functions of neutral atom qubits are mediated by light propagating through free space rather than individual electrical cables attached to each qubit.
Long coherence: The closed outer electron shell of alkaline-earth metal atoms provides insensitivity to environmental perturbations, enabling our qubits to achieve >40 second coherence times.
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Our Next Generation System

Over 1,000 Qubits
Our universal, gate-based platform allows for collaborations with partners and explorations of our unique capabilities which can be used to optimize quantum algorithms. We are actively preparing these second-generation systems for commercial introduction as Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS).
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"Together with our partners, our team is building on decades of research in optical control of neutral atoms and quantum physics to empower scientific discovery, engineering advancement, and business innovations. We're excited to give quantum application developers a breakthrough computing platform to explore new possibilities."
- Ben Bloom, Founder and CTO

Collaborating in the Quantum Ecosystem

We are collaborating with software and application development partners worldwide to unlock the value of large-scale quantum computing to bring their innovations to light. Our Partner Program provides developers an opportunity to secure early access to our systems, collaborate with our technical team, provide feedback, and explore valuable applications.
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