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What we're building
Atom Computing is building truly scalable quantum computers out of individual atoms. Our quantum computers use quantum mechanical properties of atoms to process information and solve problems beyond the reach of traditional computers, including drug design, computational chemistry, and more.
Our Technology
Atomic qubits have remarkably long coherence times, allowing them to retain quantum information whilst performing computations.
Building on decades of progress in atomic physics, we can control the quantum state of atoms with exquisite precision. Based on laser technology, our system allows for dynamic organization and addressing of qubits.
Atoms are identical and abundant. As laser addressing of the qubits circumvents the need for individual wiring, our platform provides ample opportunities for increasing the number of qubits.
Transformative Solutions
Quantum computers must scale up in size and quality, and Atom Computing’s wireless, atomic qubits provide a scalable platform with exquisite quantum control to meet this challenge.

Our team is harnessing decades of cutting edge advances in science and engineering, employing techniques that have allowed for the most precise measurements ever made, and ushered society into the global information era.
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