Atom Computing in Denmark

June 5, 2024

Rob Hays, CEO

This week, I attended the Danish Quantum Industry Day where we announced that Atom Computing is establishing a European headquarters in Copenhagen as part of a strategic partnership with Denmark to accelerate quantum research in the country and serve quantum computing customers across Europe.  As part of this partnership, Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Export and Investment Fund, EIFO, made an investment in our company.

The partnership supports Denmark’s National Strategy on Quantum Technology, announced in 2023, and is a prime example of the QIST Collaboration Agreement between Denmark and the United States. The agreement, signed in June 2022, commits both countries to foster a vibrant quantum information science and technology (QIST) ecosystem through good-faith cooperation, inclusive research communities, and collaborative venues.  In Denmark, Atom Computing is tapping into quantum research that began over 100 years ago at the Niels Bohr Institute and continues to this day at NATO’s Deep Tech Lab – Quantum and Danish universities.

As part of the strategic partnership, EIFO has invested 70 million DKK in Atom Computing, which is the fund’s first direct investment in a company outside of Denmark.  The investment aims to advance quantum computing as a unifying capability for the benefit of Denmark, the United States, and European Union.  Quantum computing leadership is a strategic imperative between these partners with potential to reshape industries, enhance security, and address global challenges.

Atom Computing will bring leading-edge quantum computing technology, know-how, and jobs to the thriving quantum computing ecosystem already present in Denmark.  We are excited to partner with Denmark due to the country’s continued investment in quantum research coupled with the clear motivation from academia, government, and industry to advance the field of quantum computing out of the labs into deployment.  With this long-term partnership, we aim to advance the national strategic imperatives of both our countries.

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