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At Atom Computing, we share your passion for finding answers. If you’re as driven as we are with fueling breakthroughs in science, business and technology by making quantum computing a reality,​

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  • "I love working at Atom Computing because we have a highly motivated, enthusiastic team that is able take abstract concepts to push our technology forward at an incredible rate. It's an exhilarating experience to be part of such an amazing team."
    Remy Notermans, PhD
    Quantum Engineering Manager, Atom Computing ​
  • "I continue to be amazed at the caliber of researchers, engineers and field experts that have joined us on our fast-paced journey to making the first truly scalable quantum computer. Every day I come to work energized by the talented physicists and engineers and team we've built. Their combination of MacGyver-like skills and uber-careful future design work literally astounds me. We're obsessed with making quantum computing a reality and it's empowering to see how everyone puts their skills and passion to the test everyday to make it happen."
    Ben Bloom
    Founder and CTO

The Perks

Fun & Casual Work Environment

Come as you are. Lunch time gatherings, t-shirts and jeans, and flexible working arrangements. ​

Grow Your Career

Own your work. Learn new things and grow.​

License to Push the Limits

Different ideas encouraged. Explore the unconventional, fearlessly experiment, and let your curiosity be the guide in finding a better way.​

Great Benefits

Comprehensive healthcare, life insurance, 401k matching, and unlimited paid-time off. ​

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