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Atom Computing Joins Forces with University of Colorado Boulder’s CUbit Quantum Initiative to Accelerate Quantum Innovation

Rob Hays, CEO, Atom Computing

Large-scale Quantum Computing will provide orders of magnitude greater computational performance compared to today's fastest computers. The Boston Consulting Group estimates it could create $5B-$10B of value in the next three to five years (the early days) and grow to $450B-$850B in the next 15 to 30 years. It’s obvious why governments, academics, and enterprises of all sizes are gearing up to implement quantum computing practices. The role Atom Computing plays, as a quantum computing hardware platform provider, within the ecosystem is critical. I would argue we are one of the primary gates to unlocking this economic value. Both are an enviable and somewhat uncomfortable position to be in. All eyes are on us and other hardware platform providers to scale up quickly so the quantum programmers can get to work writing productive applications.

It takes a village!

Building a strong ecosystem focused on accelerating quantum computing requires an engaged ecosystem of users, software partners, research labs, and talent who can add value up and down the computing stack. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the University of Colorado Boulder’s CUbit Quantum Initiative: to drive R&D and talent development while supporting the ascendence of Colorado as Center of Excellence for Quantum Information Science in the U.S. and globally.

Our visions are aligned:

Collaboration Accelerates R&D and Workforce Development

Within the scope of this collaboration, Atom Computing’s engineers will work closely with CUbit’s research partners to accelerate innovation on our next-generation quantum computers.

I joined the CUbit Advisory Board to help spur fresh new ideas and investment in professional development and networking to engage talent across a multitude of disciplines. Our goal is to build a pipeline of top talent with the skills required to drive this incredible paradigm shift in computing performance and engage industry partners who can deliver the economic benefits that QIS will enable.

Quantum Tech Hub

Colorado is shaping up to be one of the most important quantum computing hubs in the U.S. This partnership is a natural fit for us as our company has benefited greatly from Colorado’s remarkable talent and institutions.

Several of Atom Computing’s team members have matriculated from the University of Colorado Boulder– including our Founder and CTO, Ben Bloom, who completed his PhD in Physics at CU Boulder as part of JILA. During his PhD, Ben worked closely with Atom’s Scientific Advisor, Dr. Jun Ye, where he helped build one of the world’s most accurate atomic clocks – work that won Jun the 2022 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics and was the catalyst for our approach of using optically-trapped neutral-atoms to build nuclear-spin qubits.

Our connections to CU Boulder are deep and it’s just the beginning of our long-term partnership. I’m looking forward to working together with the CUbit Quantum Initiative, CU Boulder, and the QIS ecosystem in Colorado to accelerate quantum computing. Click here to view the press release.

Atom Computing Raises $60M Series B to Build Second-Generation Quantum Computing Systems

January 20, 2022 — BERKELEY, Calif. — Atom Computing, the creators of the first quantum computer made of nuclear-spin qubits from optically-trapped neutral atoms, today announced closure of a $60M Series B round. Third Point Ventures led the round, followed by Prime Movers Lab and insiders including Innovation Endeavors, Venrock and Prelude Ventures. Following the completion of their first 100-qubit quantum computing system with world-record 40 second coherence times, Atom Computing will use this new investment to build their second-generation quantum computing systems and commercialize the technology.

“Atom Computing designed and built our first-generation machine, Phoenix, in less than two years and our team was the fastest to deliver a 100-qubit system,” said Rob Hays, CEO and President, Atom Computing. “We gained valuable learnings from the system and have proven the technology. The investment announced today accelerates the commercialization opportunities and we look forward to bringing this to market.”

With this new level of investment, the company will turn its focus to developing much larger systems that are required to run commercial use-cases with paradigm-shifting compute performance.

“We’ve seen a tremendous amount of investor interest in what many are starting to believe is a more promising way to scale quantum computers – neutral atoms. Our technology advancements and this investment gives us the runway to continue our focus on delivering the most scalable and reliable quantum computers,” added Hays.

Curtis McKee, Partner at Third Point Ventures, will join the Board of Directors. Curtis brings a wealth of IT, security, and business development expertise to the company.

“Atom Computing’s design approach with neutral atoms is notably differentiated and has breakout potential to leapfrog competitors in the quantum race,” said Curtis McKee, Partner at Third Point Ventures. “They bring together a unique combination of best-in-class executive and quantum engineering teams. We look forward to partnering with them as they lead the next era of computing.”

“Quantum computing will impact billions of lives, revolutionizing everything from drug discovery and financial modeling, to predicting climate change and the development of new, life-changing materials,” said Gaetano Crupi, Partner at Prime Movers Lab. “We have been tracking this technology closely and believe we have found the right team and approach to scalable quantum computers with Atom Computing.”

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At Atom Computing, we’re our customers’ biggest fans on the journey of discovery. We’re obsessed with creating the world’s most scalable and reliable quantum computers—so companies and researchers have the computing power they need for life-changing breakthroughs. Through using nuclear-spin qubits formed from neutral atoms, we’re on the fastest and easiest path to making quantum real. Learn more at, and follow our journey on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.


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