Atom Computing’s CEO Believes Neutral Atoms Offer Fastest Path to Scalable Quantum Computing The Quantum Insider

Atom Computing Plans To Build A Bigger And Better High-Tech Quantum Computer With Its Latest $60 Million Series B Funding | FORBES

Atom Computing, a quantum computing company headquartered in Berkeley, California, seems to be on the fast track for funding. 

Quantum Watch: Neutral Atoms Draw Growing Attention as Promising Qubit Technology | HPC Wire

Currently, there are many qubit technologies vying for sway in quantum computing.

Cary quantum computing startup raises $60M as it nears completion of 2nd gen computer | The News & Observer

Last year, Atom unveiled a 100-qubit quantum computer with a coherence time of 40 seconds. Those are important measurements in the quantum computing world — determining how powerful the computer is and how long it can remain stable enough to solve a computing task.

Atom Computing raises $60M to commercialize the world’s most stable quantum computer | Silicon Angle

Investors keep throwing money at the quantum computing market, and this time around it’s Atom Computing Inc.‘s turn.

Atom Computing: A Quantum Computing Startup That Believes It Can Ultimately Win The Qubit Race | FORBES

The company recently revealed it had spent the past two years secretly building a quantum computer using Strontium atoms as its units of computation... 

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"Momentum" is the word Rob Hays, CEO of quantum computing startup Atom Computing, repeatedly uses to describe what’s happening at the company...

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Count Atom Computing as another in a growing list of startups that has built a quantum computer.​ Atom recently unveiled its first quantum computer, dubbed “Phoenix,” a 100-atom system…

Atom Computing raising $15M to create Phoenix quantum computing system | VentureBeat​

Atom Computing has raised $15 million to build its Phoenix quantum computing system and hired Intel executive Rob Hays as its CEO. It’s a complicated machine that could one day deliver blazing-fast calculations…​