QED-C Quantum Marketplace

Chief Product Officer, Justin Ging discusses quantum computing and our neutral atom advantage in building gate-based quantum systems. It's a must-see in the QED-C Quantum Marketplace webinar series.

Meet the Quantum & Photonics Startup Ecosystem, with Qubits Ventures & More (Denise Ruffner, Chief Business Officer)

Chief Business Officer Denise Ruffner joined Founder Institute Quantum & Photonics Accelerator and other industry executives to discuss how quantum computing is evolving.

Watch this video, featuring gathered representatives from related deep-tech entrepreneurial organizations and top industry entrepreneurs, who outline the resources available to founders, and provide tips on how to build a startup in Quantum and/or Photonics technologies.

Quantum Bits: Atom Showcases Phoenix | HPCwire

Atom Computing Sets a World-Record Coherence Time for Neutral Atom Qubits | FORBES​

Following a number of accomplishments in 2021, last week Atom Computing announced it had set a qubit coherence time record that was longer than any other commercial quantum platform. 

The Quantum Effect - Capgemini Invent #FutureSight Podcast

The Quantum Effect: What impact will #quantum computing have on business, the talent market, and more as its use cases evolve? Listen in to an insightful conversation with Rob HaysJulian van Velzen and Olivia Lanes, PhD in this Capgemini Invent podcast. 

Moor Insights & Strategy- INSIDER PODCAST - with Chief Analyst Patrick Moorhead and CEO Rob Hays

An insightful conversation between Chief Analyst Patrick Moorhead and our CEO Rob Hays on the Insider Podcast. Patrick and Rob dive into what's on the horizon as quantum computing evolves: quantum scalability, roadmaps, QaaS (quantum as-a-service), on-prem vs. off-prem, investments, market consolidation, quantum ecosystem, and more.

Atom Computing’s CEO Believes Neutral Atoms Offer Fastest Path to Scalable Quantum Computing The Quantum Insider

Kayleigh Gives a Deep-Dive on our Quantum Computer on the QuBites Podcast

Robin Coxe Talks About the Company, and the Intersection of Quantum and Classical Computing on QuBites Podcast

Robin Coxe and Kayleigh Cassella Named ‘Super Women’” By The Quantum Daily