Quantum Computing 101: Astor Perkins Quantum Panel

CEO Rob Hays and Chief Scientist Jonathan King join Yugal Boger and moderator David Hamilton Nichols to talk about the future of quantum computing, applications and use cases.

Quantum Investment Summit: CEO Panel

Atom Computing's CEO Rob Hays joins a group of startup leaders to discuss the future of quantum computing. The industry needs more diversity and its going to touch everyone on the planet someday.

Guest Podcast: Inside Quantum Technology with Chris Bishop

CEO Rob Hays joins quantum enthusiast Chris Bishop on his Inside Quantum Technology podcast. Rob spent over 20 years in the computer industry while at Intel and Lenovo. Atom Computing is building quantum computers using individually controlled atoms. Atoms are nature’s perfect quantum bits and can be controlled optically, without wires.

Weekly Quantum World Detangled with André M. König

Atom Computing's CEO Rob Hays joins André M. König and Denise Ruffner to put a fresh perspective on a new quantum computing modality: nuclear-spin qubits from alkaline earth elements.