What if science, business and technology weren’t held back by limitations of traditional computing?​

At Atom Computing, we’re passionate about helping companies and researchers reach their next big breakthrough. That’s why we’re on a mission to create the world’s most scalable and reliable quantum computers.​
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 Executive Leadership

Rob Hays

CEO & President

Ben bloom

Founder & CTO ​

Jonathan King

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist ​

Robin coxe

Vice President, Control Systems Engineering

Denise Ruffner

Chief Business Officer 

Justin Ging

Chief Product Officer

Scientific Advisor

Jun Ye

Scientific Advisor

Board of directors

Rob Hays
CEO & President
Atom Computing
Ben Bloom, phd
Founder & CTO​
Atom Computing
Dror Berman​
Managing Partner
Innovation Endeavors​
Ethan Batraski
Bill Jeffrey, PHD
Retired CEO
SRI International
Curtis McKee
Third Point Ventures

Atom's Investors

Innovation Endeavors
Prelude Ventures
investor logo
prime movers lab
third point
Lockheed Martin
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